Yorkie haircuts for males and females (60 + pictures)

Yorkie haircuts for males and females (60 + pictures)

We are almost sure that there is not a single person in the United States over the age of 6 years who do not know how a Yorkshire terrier looks like. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Yorkies is their soft, smooth and silky hair.

But what makes them so special and different from the other small and toy breeds? Well, yes! It is their outstanding personality combined with the appearance that is so unique and differentiates them from the other dogs.  The various Yorkie haircuts can give totally different appearances to your pet with just an hour spent in the grooming salon.

No doubt that one of the most searched topics in Google concerning Yorkshire terriers is about their haircuts. We have all searched the internet, exploring Yorkie pictures with their hairstyles and stealing ideas for our own little treasures.

So, we wanted to make it easier for you and that is why we decided to write this article. Here we are going to summarize in one place everything that you need to know about the various Yorkshire terrier haircuts and grooming procedures.

Also, in order to save you time, we collected the cutest pictures that you can gather inspiration from.

Understanding the Yorkshire terrier

In our opinion, Yorkies nowadays are experiencing a peak in their popularity. Small, charming and lovely, incredibly affectionate and endlessly devoted, Yorkshire terriers rightfully took their place in our lives – the owners.

I am sure that you will all agree with us that it is difficult to think of our Yorkies as dogs but rather we have feelings for them close to the ones we have for humans. Despite the long experience of communication with this breed, two things continue to surprise us.


It is completely incomprehensible how mysteriously in this tiny cranium is placed a brain with such a great potential.

The vast majority of Yorkshire terriers are easily trained – we know many representatives of the breed, trained not worse than German shepherds (which are considered to be one of the most intelligent dogs in the world).

It is amazing how a 4 month-old Yorkie, trembling and frightened at the beginning of the haircut, already after 10-15 minutes manages to understand what is required of him.

And by the end of the first grooming procedure in his life, he stands on the table, proudly lifting his head. And the skills, acquired during the first haircut, are preserved from the baby for life.


The second thing that amazes us is the almost infinite diversity of the breed’s representatives – different sizes, different colors and consequently a huge variety of haircuts and hairstyles. There is no other breed that can show that many varieties of haircuts of its representatives.

Should we trust a professional or we can do the haircut ourselves?

This is entirely your decision. But here are your main options:

  • Take the puppy to a professional grooming salon;
  • Most salons have the option to send you a professional groomer to your home;
  • There are groomers who are “freelancing” from their own home as a second job and it is the cheaper option to use a professional. But make sure to research him because he should be an experienced specialist armed with high-quality tools and taking care of the safety of their furry customers. Other options are unacceptable since they can bring various troubles and undesired results.

A trip to the groomer’s home might be associated with certain inconveniences. It is likely that you will have to wait until the master finishes his work, on a kitchen stool or in the hallway;

  • Learn the basic techniques, acquire the necessary tools and trim your dog yourself. The art of grooming is not something incomprehensible. The basics techniques are quite capable of overpowering for the caring owner. The most important rule is to learn and approach step by step while gathering confidence.

Not that we want to underestimate your skills but if you really want some stylish and outstanding haircut, we would suggest visiting a professional studio. The elegant and flawlessly executed haircut is a matter of pride, not only the owner but also the dog himself.

If you just want to cut here and there and want to form certain areas of the body, why not to do it yourself.

Our advise

An unconditional advantage when choosing the services of a professional in a salon is their experience and ability to get along with any, even the most capricious clients.

A considerable cost for visiting the salon is in some sense justified by additional guarantees – this is a fee not only for the actual haircut but also for the safety of your pet. The professional tools used by the groomer are necessarily pre-disinfected and sanitized.

When is the right time for the first Yorkshire terrier haircut?

Already at the age of three to four months, you can take the little Yorkie puppy for a “Sanitary trim”. After the seventh month, your beast is ready to have model haircuts.

There is a common misconception that trimming before the age of one year is detrimental to the quality and growth rate of the hair. In fact, everything is just the opposite.

The cut must be done. The trimming of soft and fluffy puppy wool is a kind of substitute for natural molting, which does not happen in Yorkshire terriers. The new coat that comes after cutting the baby wool is more rigid, elastic and silky.

Good to know…

Most salons offer a specially equipped area where the owners wait for their babies to get done. It is very important that the dog is not distracted in any case by its owner and do not have direct contact with him.

One reason for that is because it will simply interfere the work of the groomer. Second, it is really dangerous because the Yorkie may react with some fast and surprising move while the groomer is holding a sharp object next to the face of your dog.

Which is better, Short or Long haircut?

Short Trim

We have seen many people saying “OK, I will cut the hair of my Yorkie as short as possible so I will not have to comb, brush and bath that often. And surprisingly, the result after is not the way they expected.

They often share the opinion that after trimming their treasures really short, he looks somehow “miserable” or “sick”. And this is often the case with the smaller and teacup Yorkies that are so thin and gentle that without any hair they really look kind of weird.

But after all, it is up to you and your tastes.

Average Length Trim

An average length of the Yorkshire terrier’s hair allows you to minimize the daily care. Combing once per day with a massage brush for 3 to 5 minutes and bathing once per week is more than enough. You can read a more in depth information about how to groom your Yorkie at home in our grooming article.

Long Trim

Many people let the hair of their furry fellows grow freely and only trim the parts that we mentioned in our grooming article. Those are the areas around the eyes, ears, below the paw pads and the anus area. There is nothing bad about that but they often forgot the daily cares which include, brushing, combing, bathing once per week or two etc.

And the result is the opposite. Not maintained long hair looks untidy, messy and is often smelly.

Our opinion

Our own opinion is that best choice is somewhere between medium short to medium long. In that case, you will still be able to shape some very cute hairstyle of the face, body, and legs and at the same time, the daily cares will be not that long and exhausting for both of you and the doggie.


If you want to be always pleased with the impeccable appearance of your furry friend, plan your budget in advance. Grooming services will be required at least once per month and a half or two. The rule is the same as for people – the shorter the haircut, the more frequent visits to the hairdresser are needed.

So what exactly includes the grooming procedure and what can you expect when you pay for a Yorkshire terrier haircut?

Full Groom

One of the most popular grooming services for Yorkies is the so called “Full Groom”.  This is a complex service that will include before – bath combing, removing all the dead hairs, his ears will be trimmed properly and cleaned inside the ear canal with a special lotion.

Then comes the “nasty” procedure with cutting the nails. After this is done, they will trim the areas around and below the paw pads.

Bathing! Your furry friend will have a bath with professional shampoos and conditioners. After the shower, he will be dried with a towel and hairdryer. The final brushing is very important. The groomer must do that task very carefully making sure to leave the hair comb and tangles free.

Above are the basic procedures included in the Full Groom service. There are other services such as checking the sanitary/ anal glands, special care for the top knot, perfumes, specific lotions depending on the needs of the particular dog that might be extra charged.

And after all of the above is completed the actual haircut begins. You can select from different styles we will talk about later in the article or you can simply explain to the groomer your own.

About the groomer

Watching the groomer we may think of him as a sculptor. He cuts off all the extra hair, forming the necessary lines on the legs, chest, and head. At this stage, it is very important to correctly catch the proportions of each dog in order to emphasize its advantages as much as possible and hide the disadvantages correctly.

After the haircut is over, a truly cool master will definitely allow your pet to shake off and will carefully examine the dog in motion, after which it will probably cut a few more strands.

When done correctly, such a haircut keeps the shape for a long time, up to 3 – 4 weeks. The Full Groom is the maximum of services for a minimum of money, for people who value quality and appreciate the fine look of their Yorkshire terrier.

 “Sanitary” Trim for Yorkies

Usually, this service is about 20 percent cheaper than the “Full Groom”.  Now, there is a bit of confusion here and most people think that the “Sanitary cut” includes cutting only the parts around the anus and vulva for females or penis areas for male Yorkies.

Well, for certain dog breeds it might be true but we are speaking about the Great Yorkies here. So, let’s make it clear and that is exactly what you should expect from your groomer next time you take your puppy there.

The procedure will once again start with combing. Then the groomer will cut and form the hairs or the tail. Trimming the areas around the butt is very important in order to keep proper hygiene. He will then move to the vulva if you have a female baby or penis for males.

But this is not all; areas around the eyes must be also done very carefully. Also, the upper third part of the ears should be trimmed and ear canals cleaned with a special lotion.

He must not forget the paw pads and all the hairs below them. Usually, after getting them done, he will also cut the nails if that is necessary.

If we have to summarize the “Sanitary cut”, basically it is only forming and trimming the areas of your male or female Yorkie which has to be kept short in order to keep the best hygiene and prevent any irritations.

So, repeating again: anus areas, genitals, ears, eyes and paw pads. Those are the “must trim” parts of the body that must always be kept clean, tidy and short if you want to prevent future problems.

After all of the important parts mentioned above are done, the beast is washed, dried with a hairdryer and an “edging” of the face, paws, ears, and eyes are done.

By “edging” we mean that the “sculptor” will slightly and very precisely equate the hair of the paws, ears, the top knot and face while maintaining the existing shape.

Basically the “Sanitary trim” is ideal for those who want to grow the hair of their Yorkies and only “sanitate” and shape them without shortening the hair. Also, this is the perfect choice for puppies at the age of 2 to 6 months because the procedure is much shorter and at the same time will the little puppy will get familiar with the grooming practice.

 “Budget” Haircut for Yorkies

For those of you that are still not sure they want to spend money on the “Full Groom” service, there is another option that you might want to consider.

Basically, this service includes only modeling the hair of your Yorkie rather than doing a proper fancy haircut. Most of the grooming salons also provide combing and nail cut in the price.

Now, this service is indeed cheaper than the “Full Groom” but we only recommend it for those of you who take proper cares for the furry friend and home and between the visits in the grooming salon.

Here is why

First, it often happens that most of the owners do not comb their pet properly at home. If a long – haired Yorkie is not properly brushed, you should expect mats and tangles all over the body. And de- matting is not included in the price here.

Second, a perfect haircut is only possible if the doggie is washed and dried in the haircut process. We already said how important is the pre and after bath combing which is not included in this case. For best result, the Yorkie must be left on the table for several minutes to rest while the groomer will gently brush his clean hair.

The result of skipping that step is that the haircut will never look and keep its shape as if ordering a “Full Groom”.

And third, not all grooming salons offer “Budget haircuts” because they are fully aware that the customer may not be completely satisfied with the results.

So if you are seeking our advice, we would rather spend some extra bucks and pay for the “Full Groom” service.

Different Types of Yorkie hairstyles for males and females

A Close Shave

Many people believe that this is the perfect solution for the hot summer days. Well, this is not the case. It even makes the thing worse for your Yorkshire terrier.

Think of the hair as isolation. In the summer it protects the body from the direct sunlight and keeps the heat away from the body and skin. It prevents our babies from overheating.

The same is for the winter season. The isolation (the hair over the body) does not allow the freezing air to directly access the body.

So, it is interesting to point that real professionals do not even do Close shaves because they know it s not good for the Yorkie.

The only case when this service is recommended from the specialists is when for some reason the Yorkie is not combed, brushed and tangled for a long time. You already know that the result of skipping that task is the formatting of tangles and removing them (in case they are a lot) will take a lot of time and pain for your dog.

Yorkie Puppy Cut (Yorkie Teddy Bear Cut)

Puppy Cut for Yorkshire terriers or the Teddy Bear Cut is one of the most desired hairstyles for our furry fellows. Simply because here the overall and familiar look of the Yorkie exist but the hair is trimmed to a short level where it is very easy to maintain.

In a nutshell, the Puppy cut is trimming the entire body of the dog to a very short even length. We said trimmed, not completely shaved!

Now, the good part here is that you can modify the Puppy cut in several ways. You can choose the actual length of the hair over the body, legs, and head. Also, some people prefer to play a bit and leave the legs and head a little bit longer than the body. It is all up to you and your taste.

Squared Puppy Cut

The base for this haircut is the Puppy cut. The entire body is trimmed to an even level just as the style above. The main difference is the head.

The stylist will form it in a way that it will look squared or rounded (on your preferences). You can be creative and decide whether you want the hairs of the head to be longer or shorter. The top of the head is also something you can experiment with.

It can be either kept the same length as the rest of hairs on the head or you can leave it a bit longer and make a top knot.

The Three Layer Yorkie Haircut

This is a really cute hairstyle that will make your furry toy look fantastic. Basically, the “sculptor” will make three different layers of hair – on the head, on the body, and on the legs.

Head (First Layer)

Starting from the head, it is trimmed the same level everywhere and the length is kept long enough to fall below the shoulders at about 4 centimeters. The falling hairs are trimmed horizontally.

The body (Second Layer)

This is the second layer and the hairs are left to grow long and almost touch the floor. Here it is your preference if you would like them 3 or 4 centimeters above the floor.


This is the third layer. The legs are left to grow and their proper length is when they are almost touching the ground.

Yorkie Westie Cut

This is how Westie cut look: the entire body is shaved or a little hair as short as 3 – 4 centimeters can be left. Only the head is where the groomer will slightly trim and “edge”. You can still play a bit here by choosing the exact length of the beard and the hair around the chicks.

Yorkie Schnauzer cut

It is called the Schnauzer cut because this is the most common hairstyle for Schnauzers.

Here the “dark” areas such as the body and the back are cut very short to completely shaved. The “tanned” zones such as the legs and the tail are left long. Usually, the beard is left to be long (or whatever you like it) and the top of the head is trimmed much shorter.

Again here, you can play with the various areas and leave them as much short/ long as you like.

“Designer“ haircuts for Yorkies

More and more, people nowadays are looking for more creative and interesting hairstyle for their doggies. To be different and to catch the latest trends in fashion, groomers usually form decorating elements with the hair of the Yorkie and even use some rhinestones.

And here you can already fantasize to the fullest! For example, you can turn your pet into a lion, a Schnauzer, a Chinese crested dog, a Chinchilla or a hedgehog. A variety of figured carving of the body will be appropriate for Yorkies with a fairly thick coat and normal fatness.

At the same time, an experienced groomer will tell you how to hide some disadvantages of the pet’s body with the help of unusual figures. Thus, the horizontal lines visually reduce the tightness of the body, and the correctly selected shapes will distract attention from the not perfectly flat back of the dog.

But remember that many fantasy dog haircuts are effective only in the first two to three weeks after the grooming. After this period the dog can look very unpresentable. In addition, the hairstyle may lose its original appearance after bathing or walking in the rain. And most of them need regular cares.

Show trim

Taking care of the hair of Yorkshire terriers that participate in exhibitions is a very complex and tricky procedure. The standard for participating in those shows is to have a full growth hair that often exceeds the height of the beauties.

Unfortunately, in all its glory, these doggies shine exclusively during the show and photo sessions. In the rest of the time, hair care looks like this: once in 3-4 days the dog is washed, dried with a hair dryer (which takes a LOOT of time), then each strand of hair is carefully smeared with special oil and rolled with hair rollers for dogs.

After that, they put a thin jumpsuit on the Yorkie, in which he walks until the next procedure. If they do not do this and let the pet move in its original form, he must be combed at least 3 – 4 times a day. And given the fact that with each combing, an unlimited amount of hair is inevitably pulled out, the quality of the hairline will gradually but steadily deteriorate.

If the long hair is not combed for a week or two, and still washed and dried a couple of times with a hair dryer, then the dog may need to be shaved off, since there will be a lot of tangles. And no matter how well is the Yorkie used with the procedures, this might take hours or days to put the hair in a proper look and condition.

“Asian” Yorkie trim

Fashionable and very popular in the last years are the Asian, Korean or Chinese Yorkie haircut. This hairstyle dramatically changes the familiar Yorkie image – the dog acquires a puppet appearance. At first sight, the head of a dog is perceived as a magnificent toy.

The body, neck, chest, and belly of the pet are sheared with the trimmer. Then the head and muzzle are also trimmed short while leaving only the hairs of the ears to be long. The coat on the paws is left long and only slightly trimmed from the bottom. The tail can be any. From a fluffy “pen” to a neat “brush”

This option greatly simplifies the care of the dog. But if you want to return to the classic look, it will take about half a year to grow the hair.

Yorkie Hairstyle Pictures

As promised, below you can enjoy the collection of cute pictures for male and female hairstyles of Yorkshire terriers.

Yorkie Hairstyles for Females

Designer haircut


Show trim hairstyle

Designer Yorkie Female Haircut

Idea for top knot

Female Yorkie Hairstyle Before and After


Yorkie Hairstyles for Males


Short Yorkie haircut

Yorkie Haircuts Before and After


Cute Designer Yorkshire terrier haircuts

All hairstyles above are suitable for Yorkies with floppy ears. Feel free to gather inspiration from our collection. Do not forget that you can always change, form and upgrade the examples above.

Teacup and Mini Yorkie Hairstyles

Trimming a Yorkie’s hair is not only a hygienic necessity; it can be a means of creating a new puppy image for your four-fingered friend. Stylishly trimmed Yorkies look outstanding and they will never refuse to receive the wave of compliments from the people on the street.


  • Janette Hart Posted January 21, 2018 10:18 pm

    Do you know of a good, professional groomer in the Atlanta-Tucker Georgia area than really knows ‘Yorkie’ cuts. I have a beautiful 5-6 pound girl that just turned 3 and her hair is long. I want her to look fully yorkie, fully female but still be able to play. When I read what show dogs go through I wanted to cry for them. She’s getting aggravated at my brushing her so much, but she tangles easily. Please help if you can!

    • YorkieLife Posted February 15, 2018 4:15 pm

      Hello Janette,
      We have a good reference for Central Bark Doggy Day Care. You can reach them on (404) 248-2275.
      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Kathryn Posted February 9, 2018 6:00 pm

    Beautiful pictures! I have a 2.8 lb teacup Yorkie. I’m loling for a new groomer and a haircut that I can stick with and like.

    • Ass Posted February 12, 2018 3:47 am

      Your loling for a groomer,

    • YorkieLife Posted February 14, 2018 3:16 pm

      Hello Kathryn,
      In which area are you looking for a groomer?

  • Amber Brown Posted February 16, 2018 1:04 pm

    I just got a 6 month old male Yorkie that needs groomed but so afraid of someone messing his cut up!!

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