What You Should Know About Traveling with Your Yorkie

What You Should Know About Traveling with Your Yorkie

If you are like most pup parents, you can’t bear to leave your Yorkie when you need to go away on a holiday. This, of course, means that you need to take your furry friend with you on your trip!

Now, the good news is that this is quite possible, regardless of how you are traveling. At the same time, you do need to be prepared for this journey, to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are the top things you need to know about traveling with your pup:

Be Aware Of Your Airline Options

Since your Yorkie is quite small and probably weighs less than 20lbs, you will find that most airlines are quite accommodating. Nevertheless, it is important to always be careful about which airline you are booking.

At the moment, there are around eight or so domestic and international airlines that will allow your pup on board with you. So, if you want to book a flight, it is best to start with these dog-friendly options.

To make sure that your Yorkie will stay in the cabin with you, it is best to take some additional measures. For instance, does your Yorkie classify as an emotional support animal?

Or does he or she help you alleviate certain mental health issues? If so, getting registration from a site such as can be helpful. Most airlines will accept this certification and allow you to keep your pooch with you for the duration of the flight.

Find The Right Carrier

Even airlines that allow pets in the cabin have restrictions when it comes to carrier size. This is why you should always call up the airline you are booking and get the exact dimensions of an acceptable pet carrier.

Typically, most airlines require the pet carrier to be able to fit under their seats. Since these dimensions change from plane to plane, it is always best to do a little recon.

There are, of course, other factors to think about when selecting the pet carrier. The carrier should have enough room for your Yorkie to turn around and sit down. It should also be moisture-proof so that no liquid can seep through. Plus, it should allow plenty of air to flow in and out.

Yorkies in a car

Gather Your Documents

If you are traveling from one state to another you will need to keep all of your pup’s health certificates with you. In particular, you will need to show that your Yorkie has received its rabies immunization as well as other vaccinations against dangerous or communicable diseases.

In case you are traveling to another country, you should check with what health certificates are needed. This will ensure that your Yorkie will be able to get through the airport with minimal hassle.

Prep Your Pooch For Travel

If your Yorkie is not accustomed to being in an airline pet carrier, you should work to get him or her used to it. This way, they will be a lot calmer and a great deal more comfortable on the flight.

So, start placing them in the carrier for short periods of time, a few weeks prior to your trip. You can use incentives such as treats and toys to make it seem more appealing. After a while, your Yorkie should adjust to their smaller environment.

These are the main things you should know about traveling with your Yorkie. As long as you keep these in mind, you will discover that the trip would be fairly uneventful for both you and your pooch!

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