How Long Can a Yorkie Stay at Home Alone?

How Long Can a Yorkie Stay at Home Alone?

Dogs are like humans—they have feelings, too. They don’t like being left alone and would always prefer the company of their fur parents. Small breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, or popularly known as Yorkie, are more prone to feeling depressed and anxious when left alone.

This post will discuss the reasons behind their separation anxiety and will answer the question of many dog lovers: how long can a Yorkie stay home alone? Will it be safe for them? And what can you do as a responsible fur parent to keep them happy?

How To Prevent Separation Anxiety in Your Yorkie When Left Home Alone?

Yorkies are a breed of short dogs. They weigh an average of seven pounds and can grow up to seven to nine inches in height. They are also known as “companion dogs” because of their size and personality of wanting attention from people around them. 

But when the time comes that you’ll need to go out without them, Yorkies can get easily depressed and anxious. 

Dog lovers know this: leaving their precious pets home alone is never easy, especially if the dog hasn’t reached one year old yet. However, leaving the house is also inevitable. Here are some of the effective ways to prevent your dear Yorkie from falling into the pits of separation anxiety.

Anxious Yorkshire terrierTry Your Best To Ignore Them

Only when you’re leaving and arriving! This doesn’t mean you have to ignore them completely, of course. Yorkies are adorable dogs—it’s impossible not to give them attention, but try your best! 

Practice not paying attention to your Yorkie at least 15 minutes before leaving. Then when you come home, avoid petting or greeting your pooch. By this, you’re gradually training him that leaving is not a big deal and that he shouldn’t be scared of it.

Restrain yourself from giving huge hugs and kisses and greeting them with a giddy, high-pitched voice when you arrive. These simple actions validate your dog’s excessive worry because they understand these as signs that you coming home is a miracle.

Switch Up Your Routine

Just how long can a Yorkie stay home alone? According to dog trainers and veterinarians, four hours is the safest range for a dog to be left alone. But this is not always the case for depressed and anxious dogs.

As soon as you close the door behind you and leave your dog alone, anxious Yorkies start to think that you’re leaving them forever. You need to break their constant worry of being left alone for a long time by switching your routine. 

Practice returning home several minutes after leaving. If your usual routine is to come home at night, try dropping by your house at lunch. Or make surprise visits at different times of the day. 

By doing little changes in your schedule, you are training your Yorkie that no matter how long you stay out, his fur parent will always go home safe and unscathed.

Create a Safe And Comfortable Space

No one wants to be left alone in an unruly and disorganized environment. Cluttered, dark spaces will only add to their anxiety and worry. 

Upon leaving, make sure the room they’re being left in is well lit and has windows with an outdoor view. Ensure their comfort by giving them a bed and a blanket. You can choose from a wide selection of small dog beds from Bitch New York, an online boutique for all pet needs. Then don’t forget to leave them an ample supply of food and drink.

What Happens if You Leave Your Yorkie Alone for Too Long?

Yorkshire Terriers that were not trained well or are not yet used to their pup parents’ leaving can develop unwanted behavior, stress, and depression. Your Yorkshire Terriers will, unfortunately, undergo these habit and personality changes when they are often left alone for too long:

  • Unpredictable sleeping habits
  • Loss in appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Nervous behavior
  • Excessive barking and pacing
  • Constant whining 
  • Aloofness

Closing Note

Dogs are smart creatures. Like people, they can also be trained to be independent and to survive even when left alone. With the help of the above-mentioned tips of decreasing and preventing a Yorkie from being depressed, a responsible fur parent can now stop asking the question, how long can a Yorkie stay home alone?

And instead, start training their fur babies on how to be independent. Browse through more blog posts at YorkieLife for more tips and insights on properly taking care of your pups.

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  • Rost Posted February 14, 2020 6:45 am

    My old boss was pretty big and tall and used to have a tiny Yorkie. Sooo cute! 🙂 And in cases when he needs to leave his Tima alone he’d rather have that separation anxiety. So I’d say pet lovers also suffering while leaving their pooches alone.

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