How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Yorkshire Terrier

How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Yorkshire Terrier

Separation from the owner is one of the major reasons Yorkies usually feel worried.

Some dogs bark loudly when their owners leave the house. This kind of behavior is called “separation anxiety.”

This should not concern you, but sometimes it can lead to problems like strengthening of aggression or excessive barking.

What Causes Separation Anxiety In Yorkies?

Dogs are animals that naturally live in packs. They perceive their owner, as the leader of the pack and obey him. Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate to their owners that when they leave home, their anxiety begins to grow.

In some cases, the absence of the person may cause excessive agitation in these dogs. To solve such problems easily, you should act as – quickly as possible after their manifestation.

Anxiety can be attributed to the great affection of the Yorkie to its owner. If you give too much attention to your doggie just before you leave the house or right after you come home can lead to this kind of behavior.

Disciplining the dog should not be performed when it is overexcited. Instead, try to ignore it and continue training after he is calmed down.

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How to reduce separation anxiety in Yorkies?Yorkie separation anxiety

Here are some basic techniques by which you can deal with this problem:

1. Change your routine

Regular activities help your dog to remember what and when you do every day.

Rather than sticking to a daily routine before leaving for work, try to change it slightly.

First of all, leave your home earlier than usual. This way you can modify the memory of the dog when you are leaving the house.

2. Do not pay too much attention to your Yorkie

Try to ignore the dog before leaving or when coming home. If you pay too much attention to him, this can cause anxiety at a later stage.

Make it a practice to ignore your Yorkie at least 15 minutes before you leave or after you get home. Training the dog to stay in a crate while you are away will also help reduce their anxiety.

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3. Gradually change their daily activitiesSeparation anxiety in Yorkshire terriers

Some Yorkies become very excited when their owners are absent for extended periods of time.

To help your Yorkshire terrier reduce their anxiety of separation, do not let him raise expectations.

Usually, the dog thinks that once you leave home, you will come back later in the day.

You should not let your Yorkie to think that way. You can return a few minutes after you left the house to surprise the dog.

Then start to increase the time which you come back.

Repeat this until your dog realizes that no matter how long you are away, you will always go back to him.

This is the essence of the training, and this will help your dog to feel independent and rely on himself.

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