How To Deal With The Constant Barking Of A Yorkshire Terrier?

How To Deal With The Constant Barking Of A Yorkshire Terrier?

In most of cases, dogs are barking just for fun. This is their inborn instinct, and there is nothing more natural than that. By yapping, Yorkies are expressing their feelings.

If you think that your Yorkshire terrier barks too much, you can use different methods to limit this behavior.

The first thing you must understand is why is he barking and which barks exactly you should control.

The Reasons Yorkshire Terriers Are Barking

There are so many reasons your Yorkie will bark. They do it when they are angry or excited, worried or scared. They can also bark when someone enters their personal space.

Moreover, they will bark to establish territorial control, when hearing strange noises or alarms, when they want to greet someone or seek his attention, they will bark to show anger, aggression or experiencing severe pain.

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely stop your Yorkie from barking. However, it can be limited and controlled, especially when associated with impulsive behavior or aggression.

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How To Get Your Yorkshire Terrier To Stop Barking?

To be honest when I started dealing with the problem I was almost sure that it is impossible to make my dog stop barking. After all, that is something natural, right?

But then one day while we were on our usual walk to the dog playground I decided to share my issue with the rest of the dog parents. Then suddenly one of them came to me and told me he had exactly the same problem with his Chihuahua and suggested a course that will help me.

Well, I was totally skeptical but decided to give it a go. There is nothing to lose, I said to myself. And believe me or not, as soon as I started the course of Adrienne Farricelli I could see instant progress in the behavior of my dog. It was just unbelievable.

The thing is that once you start the course, it teaches you how to properly communicate with your dog and how to make him understand what you want to tell him.

We not only reduced the barking but Adrienne thought me of how to approach the potty training and the anxiety which Zuzi had before that.

Below are only some of the things I learned in the course.

Nine of the ten different forms of barking in dogs are excessive and should be regulated. Before you try to get your Yorkie to stop yelling, first you need to determine if you really need to do in this particular situation.

You have to answer questions like:

1. When is my Yorkie barking?

2. Whom or what is barking?

3. What makes my dog barking?

Never shout or hit your Yorkie when he barks to show territoriality or been distracted by any noise. This will only worsen his behavior leading to aggression and biting.

No matter what you say, Yorkie will not understand you. Instead, you should invest your energy to be the leader in the mind of your dog.

Never let your doggie dominate you. You are the owner, and the control must always be in your hands. Let him understand that you are the master of the pack and make him follow you.

To deal with the barks at passing vehicles or strangers, limit the access to the windows of the house. In this way, Yorkie will not feel endangered when someone goes closer to your home.

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How to get your Yorkie to stop barking because of anxiety?Yorkie barking tips

Anxiety in dogs can be emotionally very stressful. They usually become anxious and fearful when no one is around them.

In this case, some dogs start barking very loudly to attract someone’s attention.

Anxiety is often due to the very strong relationship between the Yorkie and his owner.

One way to deal with this problem is not to pay much attention to your dog when you leave home or when you return home.

If you want to make your Yorkie bark less, you must teach him to be calm.

When he is peaceful, you will be able to control his actions and can get him to stop barking when it is not necessary.

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  • Candy Posted July 7, 2018 1:17 am

    My yorkie is very vocal. He acts like a spoiled brat. If the other dogs have a treat he wants he whines at me constantly. I have tried non violent ways to stop this. Usually a stern word or a water bottle. Nothing works. Help..

  • Dawn Gorom Posted July 31, 2018 7:01 pm

    Our Yorkie is a rescue seriously abused. Very submissive and frightened of everything. She is 6 and a sweet girl but how to let her know we will never hurt her. Our 3 other dogs know she is scared and watch over her

    • YorkieLife Posted August 1, 2018 6:13 am

      Hi Dawn,
      Keep showing her your love and she will get used to her new home and parents. Yorkies are tiny and sensitive creatures, it can take some time until she feels safe and secure in her new home.
      Good luck!

  • J Posted February 17, 2019 4:49 am

    This method does not work. I thought my yorkie stopped barking until I sent her to daycare and realized her habits is just the same.

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