Best 5 Clippers For Yorkies Recommended By The Groomers

Best 5 Clippers For Yorkies Recommended By The Groomers

Beauty – a powerful force that humanity strived to achieve in all aspects of life ever since the ancient times.

Certainly, beauty is a factor that not only applies in human’s life but also in the cutest creatures on earth – our Yorkies.

No doubt that the haircut is one of the major components that shape up someone’s beauty and for our Yorkies, it is also a vital procedure that carries not only an aesthetic but also a hygiene aspect.

In this article, we will talk about how to choose the best clippers that can be used from the Yorkie parents to trim their babies at home instead of using the professional services of a groomer.

Something important that we want to point is that the following article is based on suggestions, reviews, and recommendations from one of the top groomers in Miami area – our lovely friend Tess Oliver.

If you have already done some research about hair clippers good for Yorkshire terriers, you’ve probably run across websites suggesting clippers from various brands and models claiming to be the best.

Please, have in mind that most of them are based on information from general customer reviews (owning all kind of dog breeds) that (without any intention to offend anybody) might not be what our hairy balls and we as their parents need.

Here are the recommended clippers and you can read more info about each of them below in the article.

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A few words about Tess Oliver

Owner and groomer in her salon – Best In Show, Tess has started her career 7 years ago working for several grooming salons throughout the country.Tess Oliver

Eager to learn, develop her skills and “steal” all of the little secrets in her dreamed job, Tess was devoted to her passion while dreaming that someday she will have her own grooming salon.

As from 2014 ‘Best In Show’, Pet Spa is successfully operated by Tess where she’s grooming mainly herself.

A quote she wrote herself would best describe her passion for her job:

“I started Best In Show because I feel that every dog should feel like a champion. I want to provide a personal, one-on-one service that allows me to bond with the dogs and their owners.”

Having the pleasure to know Tess, we asked her to share part of her knowledge and help us give you the most accurate information about the best clippers for trimming Yorkie’s hair at home.

To get in touch with Tess, please call +1 786-208-0155

What were our top criteria when reviewing the best clippers for your Yorkshire terriers

1.Yorkie friendly

Having in mind how tiny and delicate are our sweeties it is of highest priority to choose a clipper that they will be comfortable with.

That is why noise, vibration, and heating are three very important factors that we took into consideration when selecting our top clippers.


Shaved Yorkie

We would not go for a brand that is not Andis or Wahl. And there is a reason for that.

Those to brands have proven to be the best over the time when speaking about reliability and customer satisfaction.

And this is not only the opinion of our friend Tess Oliver but also of many other professional groomers we have spoken with over the time.

There are many different brands out there on the market but this article is about the TOP quality clippers.

We would steer clear from the ones that are marketed towards “pet owners” because in our experience they heat up quickly, the casing gets hot, they vibrate like crazy, and they are dull and may catch the skin.

3.The capacity of the battery – for the ones that are cordless

Having a pair of clippers with a long lasting and quick charging battery surely saves a lot of discomfort for you and your Yorkie.

Also, the quality of a particular battery model is important. You don’t want to lose 40% of overall battery capacity only after a year of use.


No doubt that professional clippers are more expensive compared to the “pet owners” ones.

And there is a reason for that. You pay for quality. We suggest that you invest in a professional clipper and when you maintain it properly, you will end up with a machine that can outlive your dog.

We kept in mind that most of you are not professionals who make a living from grooming so we selected the models with best “quality – price” ratio.

Have you ever heard that cheap stuff ends up to be the most expensive?

Top 5 Dog Hair Clippers For Trimming Yorkshire Terriers

#1. Wahl Professional Bravura Lithium Clipper


The Wahl Bravura Lithium is our top pick when speaking about the best clippers for trimming Yorkies considering the specific structure of the hair they have.Wahl Bravura Lithium

  1. The Bravura is lightweight, virtually silent and cordless. Due to its size and weight, it is very easy to maneuver around tiny dogs such as our sweet Yorkies.
  2. It has an adjustable blade as opposed to one you would need to change out.

The “5 in 1” blade technology allows you to change between the five blade sizes which are #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40.

  1. For those of you who have previous experience with some cheap clippers and those who are marketed towards “pet owners” you surely have faced the problem with overheating.

One of the best and most important features of the Wahl Bravura is that they stay cool, in short, forever.

  1. And last but not least, speaking about the battery, they have really long battery life and you can even use them on a cord while charging, too.
Tips for using Wahl Bravura Lithium
  1. Using the #40 setting is perfect for doing the paw pads and to tip or edge the ears.
  2. For those of you who only want to do a sanitary trim, the best blade sizes are # 9 and #10.
  3. As these lengths are all very short, you might want to consider purchasing a set of Wahl Clip Combs to snap onto the clipper if you want to go longer and do a whole body trim.

The Wahl Clip Combs are used on a #40 setting under the clip combs. The good thing is that when using the clip combs, your Yorkie can have absolutely no knots in its coat.

    1. Also, the Wahl Clip Combs are the perfect tool if you want to give your Yorkshire terrier an Asian fusion style. For that purpose, use the purple clip comb on the body and under the chin.

Pros and Cons
ProsWahl Bravura Lithium Trimmer
  1. Cordless and lightweight making it very handy easy to maneuver
  2. Lithium-Ion battery which has long running time. The Lithium Ion technology allows the battery to be charged countless times without damaging its overall capacity.
  3. Silent and very convenient
  4. Despite it is very silent, the Wahl Bravura does not have any annoying vibrations which distract not only the groomer but mainly the Yorkie.
  5. Quick charging time
  6. Very easy to learn and get used to not only from professional groomers but also for the newbies.
  7. A highest class product which if maintained properly can last basically forever
  8. High-speed power up to 5, 500 Strokes Per Minute
  1. For entire body trimming, you might want to consider purchasing the Wahl Clip Combs separately.
What is included in the packageWahl Bravura Lithium Included in the package
  1. Wahl Professional Bravura Lithium Clipper
  2. “5 in 1” clipper blades set with adjustable sizes – #9, #10, #15, #30 and #40 integrated with quick-change cutting system
  3. Charging station with separate charging cable
  4. Soft storage carrying case
  5. Six plastic attachment combs with different sizes
  6. Brush for quick cleaning
  7. Oil that needs to be used for the blade
  8. Instruction book that we highly recommend before using the clippers

[amazon box=”B014UXMEV0″ title=”Wahl Professional Bravura Lithium Clipper” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”][amazon box=”B0052WT728″ title=”Wahl Professional Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Comb Set” description=”Enjoy 8 color-coded cutting lengths ideal for quick references while you are clipping your dog”]

#2. Andis Excel 5 – speed clipper


Number two goes for another leader in the dog clipper production industry. It is the Excel 5 – speed clipper from Andis.

This is the first out of two corded clippers we will include in our recommendations.Andis Excel 5 speed clipper

  1. Andis Excel is a reliable clipper for entire body grooming and thanks to its powerful five-speed rotary motor it produces from 2 400 up to 4 500 strokes per minute.
  2. Despite its high power which is intended to handle even the toughest grooming tasks, the Andis Excel is surprisingly lightweight and quiet (though not as quiet as the Wahl Bravura on a higher speed setting).
  3. This clipper comes with a detachable #10 blade which makes it very easy for cleaning and maintaining.
  4. Having used the Andis Excel clipper for a couple of times before we were pleased with the flexibility that allows you to use a wide range of blades that can be purchased separately.
  5. Unlike most of the other clippers which blades are made of steel, this particular clipper is designed with an innovative “CeramicEdge” blade which is proven to stay 75% cooler, durable and with a long lasting sharpness of the edge.
  6. During the first minutes of using the Andis Excel 5 – speed clipper, we couldn’t really notice where the nice and comfy feeling comes while holding it. After having a precise look and inspection we noticed the soft – grip design which is not so common among other top clippers but it really gives a safer handling and a pleasant touch.
  7. Last but not least we have to mention the five lovely colors that this Andis piece of art comes.

Yes, it is true that it doesn’t affect its overall performance at all and it might not be so important for the people that groom at home.

But for the professional groomers who use more than one pair of those great clippers with different setups, it is an easy way to distinguish them only looking at the color of the tool.

Tips for using Andis Excel 5 – speed dog clipper
  1. For those of you with Yorkies that have a fluffier coat as opposed to the usual silky hair, this is surely the perfect clippers choice.
  2. The #10 blade that the Andis Excel comes with is ideal for sanitary trim and could be used even for tidying up the ears.
  3. For the paws though, we recommend using a #40 blade as it will make them much neat and tidy.
  4. As we said above, we were pleased by the flexibility of using a wide range of blades and the great news is that the Andis Excel works perfectly with the Wahl Professional Stainless Steel Guide Combs. If you decide to be like a pro and have them in your kit, they can be used over the #10 blade the Excel comes with.
  5. What we understood from our chat with Tes Oliver is that despite the innovative “CeramicEdge” technology, the blade might still get warmer at times after continuous work.

That is why she suggests using the Andis Cool Care Plus Clipper Blade Cleaner. Not only it will help you cool down your blade but it is also disinfectant, lubricant, and a cleaner.

Hygiene is something you do not have to underestimate and we do encourage people to use the spray prior and after grooming sessions (make sure you wipe it off the blade afterward).

Pros and Cons of the Andis Excel 5 – Speed Dog Clipper
  1. Powerful five-speed rotary motor suitable for all kinds of grooming procedures and especially appropriate for Yorkies with fluffy coats
  2. The detachable blade technology makes it very easy to clean and maintain
  3. Soft grip design that fits perfectly in the hand and ensures non-slipping and comfort
  4. Flexible to use with a wide assortment of different bladesAndis Excel clipper box
  5. “CeramicEdge” technology that ensures longer sharpness and stays 75% cooler than its steel – made competitors
  1. Even though the cord has its own advantages, it might be a little inconvenient for the non – professional users
What is included in the package
  1. Andis Excel 5 – speed dog clipper with a #10 “CeramicEdge” detachable blade
  2. 1 tube of blade oil
  3. Instruction book

[amazon box=”B00J4SJ3OI” title=”Andis Excel 5 – Speed Dog Clipper” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”][amazon box=”B002RBWL1G” title=”Wahl Professional Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Comb Set” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”]

#3. Wahl Bravura Mini Professional Cordless Trimmer

OverviewWahl Bravura Mini

Our number 3 goes for the Wahl Bravura Mini which is the ideal choice for those of you with a really small and tiny Yorkshire terriers and teacup Yorkies.

    1. This compact cordless trimmer is the perfect trimmer for touch-ups at home on the ears, eyes, paws and sanitary trims with its #30 blade.
    2. The Wahl Bravura Mini will handle the most delicate work in between the main grooming sessions.
    3. Despite its small size, the Bravura Mini still does an impressive 5, 300 strokes per minute enabling a smooth and easy trim.
    4. And do not be mistaken by the high rotary speed. This tiny trimmer is so noiseless which makes it perfect for young puppies that need to gradually get used to the sound of the machines.
    5. With very delicate vibrations you do not have to worry about accidentally hurting your Yorkie.

Pros and ConsWahl Bravura Mini Trimmer
  1. Improved 2-hour charging time
  2. Long cordless operation – 100 minutes
  3. Light, small with very delicate vibrations
  4. Easy trimming due to the high rotary speed
  5. Affordable price for a professional grooming tool
  1. Not appropriate for entire body trimming.
What is included in the package
  1. Wahl Bravura Mini Professional Cordless Trimmer
  2. Snap on/ off #30 blade for easy cleaning
  3. Adjustable attachment comb with five different positions – from 3 to 6 millimeters
  4. Charging station
  5. Like any other Wahl machine, it comes with an instruction book, cleaning brush and blade oil.

[amazon box=”B00IN24ILE” title=”Wahl Bravura Mini Professional Cordless Trimmer” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”][amazon box=”B003WVLJU4″ title=”Wahl Professional BravMiniBlade Set” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”]

#4. Andis ProClip™ Pulse Ion® Adjustable Blade Clipper

Number four is taken by one of the newest models that Andis has lately released – The ProClip™ Pulse Ion® Adjustable Blade Clipper.


On your attention is a cordless, lightweight and almost noiseless clipper made by Andis.

The only reason we’ve put it in the fourth place is that of its lithium-ion detachable battery.Andis ProClip™ Pulse Ion® Clipper

Yes, it lasts way too long – almost two hours of working time. And yes, it takes only about an hour to fully recharge it.

What we find a little disturbing is that once you run out of battery while you are using the clipper, you will have to interrupt your grooming procedure and wait for it to recharge on its charging stand.

Even though it is not such a big issue for most of the “home groomers” we’ve spoken with, it is a factor that needs to be mentioned.

Besides the minor charging issue, the Andis ProClip™ really impresses with its high rotary push giving 5 500 strokes per minute blade speed.

The “5 in 1” technology gives you the opportunity to adjust your blade to the desired lengths – #40, #30, #15, #10, and #9.

It is really time-saving as opposed to the ones that you need to clip off and on.

For easy cleaning and maintaining, the Andis ProClip™ is designed to easily snap off and detach the blade.

Pros and Cons of the Andis ProClip™ Pulse Ion® Adjustable Blade Clipper
  1. Cordless and lightweight (10.5 oz) clipper making it very easy to maneuver
  2. Features a soft rubber back and front for easy handling
  3. Lithium-Ion battery technology which guarantees long life and basically no memory loss
  4. “5 in 1” blade technology that lets you change the length of the blade easily without losing time
  5. A LED indicator that lights up when charging the battery is complete
  1. The only issue we found is the inability to work while charging but this should be more of a concern for the professional groomers with a really busy schedule.
Battery Recommendation

The Lithium-Ion battery of the Andis ProClip™ Pulse Ion® is indeed a big advantage over most of its cordless competitors using older types of batteries like nickel – metal hydride battery.

To give you an example, an older type of battery like the nickel – metal hydride one would have a capacity of 70 minutes working time.Andis ProClip™ Pulse Ion® Charging station

Over the time and course of exploitation, those 70 minutes will most probably be drastically reduced to less than 35 minutes of running time.

And this is all about because all those old batteries tend to have memory loss resulting in decreased running time.

The lithium-ion battery Andis ProClip is equipped with does not have that problem.

It preserves its capacity for a much longer time when used properly.

Our recommendation after buying the Andis ProClip™ Pulse Ion® is to completely drain the battery and leave it for charging for at least 12 hours.

For best result, we recommend doing this cycle at least two times – use the clippers until they are completely dead and then recharging for at least 12 hours.

This will properly stimulate the lithium-ion battery and put it in an optimal working condition.

What is included in the package
  1. Andis ProClip™ Pulse Ion® Adjustable Blade Clipper
  2. A wonderful detachable “5 in 1” blade
  3. Charging stand with two outlets that lets you charge a spare battery
  4. Four plastic attachment combs: 1/4″, 1/3”, 3/8”, 1/2″
  5. Blade oil

[amazon box=”B00T6R6MIM” title=”Andis ProClip™ Pulse Ion® Adjustable Blade Clipper” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”]

#5. Wahl Professional KM10 2 Speed Brushless Motor Clipper

Wahl’s KM10 is considered among the experts as the best clipper Wahl has ever made. Let’s look at it for more details.


Let us clarify that there is no particular reason for this clipper to be on the fifth place. It is a really amazing piece of work from Wahl.

It falls in the “2 – speed” category clippers which makes it perfect for heavy-duty work over the entire body.Wahl Professional KM10 Clipper

On the first speed setting, it produces 3 000 strokes per minute while on the second it reaches up to 3 700 strokes per minute.

The Wahl KM10 is probably the best of our contenders when it comes to comfort, balance, and control.

We must admit that the engineers have made a great job combining utmost reliability with a perfect design which reduces wrist fatigue.

What is also really impressive about the Wahl KM10 is the revolutionary brushless motor which is designed to deliver maximum power and torque and at the same time guaranteeing more than 10 000 hours of working time.

We know that noise, vibrations and heating up are important factors for all kind of groomers.

That is why we paid special attention and to get the most accurate information about them. We asked professional groomers who have quite an experience with the KM10 to share their thoughts about those three important factors

About the noise – they are fairly quiet.Wahl Professional KM10

Well, maybe not as quiet as some of the models we discussed above but for sure they are quiet enough not to bother too much your sweetie.

No one complained about strong vibrations and they all seemed to be happy comparing the KM10 with other clippers they have used before.

Heating up – “They heat up less than many of the other powerful professional clippers”.

That sounds really good to us because after all, any clipper warms up at a certain point.

With the help of the Wahl Blade Ice Clipper Blade Coolant, this could be easily resolved, especially in a home environment where the work is not as intense as in a grooming salon.

Pros and Cons of the Wahl Professional KM10 2 Speed Brushless Motor Clipper
  1. Lightweight and ergonomic design
  2. Brushless motor ensuring more than 10 000 hours of working time
  3. Low vibrations
  4. Detachable Wahl’s Ultimate Competition Series #10 Blade
  5. Comes with eight attachment guide combs with different colors – 1/8”, 1/4″, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4″, 7/8”, 1”
  1. Some users reported about cord shortage

[amazon box=”B00H8KC5IU” title=”Wahl Professional KM10 2 Speed Brushless Motor Clipper” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”]

Maintaining Your Dog Clippers

Maintaining your new clippers is very important. For some pet owners, this is an obvious fact but others aren’t as diligent with their grooming supplies.

We have seen many people buy dog clippers, groom their dogs multiple times with them and then criticize the product when the blade gets prematurely dull or something goes wrong with them.

With just a few extra minutes during and after clipping your dog and a few products used on the blade of your clippers, you’ll find your tool last much longer and stay sharp for many more shaves.

Pet grooming tools can be a major investment so maintenance on them should be a priority for every pet owner that aims to groom their pet themselves.

In order to make your tools last as long as they possibly can, you need to invest in products that will properly clean and preserve their lifetime.

Must have accessories for your dog clippers

During the time your dog clippers are in use, they are undergoing a lot of friction and an intense amount of heat.

Below we will list the products that we strongly recommend using to prolong the life of your dog clippers.

Blade oils

By applying blade oil to the blade before your session, the wear and tear on the clippers are severely reduced.

This product lubricates the clippers while they are in motion and keeps them from dulling extra fast while keeping the blades cool during use.

Wahl Professional Blade Oil

A 2-in-1 grooming solution for your Wahl dog clippers.

[amazon box=”B00Y34OX84″ title=”Wahl Professional Blade Oil” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”]

Andis Clipper Oil

This oil works perfect on all kind of blades and prevents them from rust and corrosion.

[amazon box=”B001BOISNU” title=”Andis Clipper Oil” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Andis authorized resellers”]


Wahl Blade Ice Coolant

Intended to use only on removable blades: SS-Pro, KM2, KM2 Deluxe, KM5, KM10 & Power Grip animal clippers.

[amazon box=”B001MP0SH2″ title=”Wahl Clipper Blade Ice Coolant, Lubricant, Cleaner” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”]

Andis Cool Care Plus Clipper Blade Cleaner

A 5-in-1 product from Andis. Not only it is a cooler but also a disinfector, lubricant, cleaner and a rust preventer. A MUST have product for the Andis lovers.

[amazon box=”B0779HBWQJ” title=”Andis Cool Care Plus” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Andis authorized resellers”]

Other Must-Have Products From Andis and Wahl

Andis Blade Care Plus

A “7-in-1” product! It is a coolant, deodorizer, a lubricator, a cleaner, rust preventer, enriched with vitamin E.

[amazon box=”B000MD57UI” title=”Andis Blade Care Plus Dip Jar, 16 oz” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Andis authorized resellers”]

Andis Blade Cleaning Brush

The perfect tool to clean your blades and trimmers at any time during the grooming process. The brush must be also used before applying any maintenance product.

[amazon box=”B00BM9TVHQ” title=”Andis Blade Cleaning Brush” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Andis authorized resellers”]

Wahl Clini Clip Professional Blade Maintenance

The perfect product to clean and disinfect your blades. It removes any bacteria, fungicidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal

[amazon box=”B001C4CL78″ title=”Wahl Clini Clip Professional Blade Maintenance” description=”You can find this clipper on Amazon and all other Wahl authorized resellers”]

How To Choose The Right Clippers

Yorkshire Terrier Trimmed

If you are a Yorkie owner, you no doubt understand the perils of grooming and how stressful it can be for you and your dog.

Choosing the right clippers can help prevent a lot of the common problems and make the experience a lot nicer for you and your Yorkshire terrier.

You can also learn how to trim your dog’s nails, here.

Obviously, dog clippers come in all shapes, sizes, and criteria there are some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the right model for you.

How experienced are you in grooming your dog? Are the clippers going to be used for a quick trim here and there or are you going to be carrying out a full groom?

Do you prefer corded or cordless clipper?

What about the hair? Is it the regular silky Yorkie hair or it is fluffier? Do you like your Yorkie’s hair with short or long hairstyle?

All these factors will need to be considered when purchasing your dog clippers.

Take into consideration the ease of use, dogs rarely stay still whilst they are being groomed, so look for a shape that you can handle easily and that is not too difficult to set up and use.

A few historical facts about Andis and Wahl Clippers

Andis Clippers

Andis has been making clippers since 1921 when Matthew Andis Senior built his first working model of an electric clipper.Andis professional logo

Andis Clippers were first produced in the basement of the Andis family home where Anna Andis(his wife) wound the coils whilst the rest of the Andis family assembled the clippers.

The first clippers were actually Barber’s Clippers and were sold door to door at the local Barbershops in Racine and the surrounding region.

In 1922, the Andis Clipper Company was officially established. A local industrial building was rented, and the clippers began to be produced on a larger scale.

The Clippers were embraced by Barbers all over America.

Over the last 77 years, Andis has moved from strength to strength, adding more heavy duty animal clippers and dog clippers to their production.

Wahl Dog Clipperswahl professional logo

Beginning in 1911, Wahl Clipper Corporation was founded by Leo Wahl.

In 1919, Leo Wahl applied for a patent on an electromagnetic hair clipper.

The patent was accepted, and by the end of 1920, the Wahl Manufacturing Company had sold thousands of clippers to barbers all over the USA.

In 1966, Wahl began manufacturing Animal Clippers and since then has become one of the world leading suppliers of dog clippers.


Grooming your dog is important, but choosing the right tools is even more maybe.

Choosing the right dog clippers will make your life easier and your pet happier.

Take your time and don’t be afraid to spend too much, it will be worth it.

Don’t waste your money by settling with low-powered clippers, go with Wahl or Andis professional dog clippers and be glad you did!

In our review, we’ve chosen the best clippers, especially for the Yorkshire terrier breed.

We looked very precisely on the most important factors – heating, vibrations, comfort, battery power, and reliability.

We hope we were helpful and do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions.


  • Linda B. Reynolds Posted March 9, 2018 10:35 am

    I am really wondering if I should buy the Wahl Bravura Litium or the Andis ProClip Pulse Ion. One of those two will do a perfect job I think for my 2 year female Yorkie. Anyone have experience with some of the two models?

    • Max Arellano Posted March 12, 2018 8:07 am

      I have the Wahl Bravura Lithium for already one year and I am more than happy with it. Didn’t have any problems so far and I love it because it is really noiseless and doesnt bother my female Yorkie at all while trimming.

  • Victoria Posted May 24, 2018 5:27 pm

    Hi Yorkie Peeps
    I have an almost 4 yr old male Yorkie. His style is short body ( 7FC ) down to mid thigh ( almost to his knee ) then flared bell-bottoms ( I know ).
    So my question is can you get a smooth like velvet feel on the body with combs? The Groomer he has now as I said use the 7FC and it’s so smooth. I feel that to get that smooth finish, combs won’t cut it ( haha I’m good ).
    If anyone could advise me as to what they think would produce the smoothest body I would appreciate it

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