Jewelry For Yorkies

Jewelry For Yorkies

For a long time, people have been using jewelry to show their status in society, to feel more confident and give refinement to their image. But what about our gorgeous Yorkies?

We have to tell you that they are not falling behind with the latest fashion trends. Many jewelry brands are invited to work with their best designers and create trendy pet collections.

Their outstanding products have been actively promoted in internet, television and various mobile apps. Not only that but they have been organizing fashion shows where the models presenting the new collections are real doggies.

Do not forget to have a look at our specially selected jewelries for Yorkies below!

A few interesting history facts

Believe it or not, dog ornaments are dating back from the very ancient times. The many archeological excavations found throughout the years helped the experts to conclude that people began to decorate their four – legged friends as soon as they domesticated them.

Combat armors are the first proven dog ornamentsDog jewelry history

Everyone knows that back in the time people have used specially trained dogs to take part in hostilities. But how many of you know that some of these dogs were used to wear armor as a protection which was decorated in a way to match the combat armor of the warriors themselves.

The hunting dogs of some royal families were honored with the same privilege. They would wear leather costumes similarly decorated as the ones worn by their owners.

But no doubt that the greatest honor was given to the dogs of ancient Egyptians. They were decorated with collars, which can truly be considered as a work of art.

The most luxurious jewelry with precious stones was worn by the dogs of the pharaohs. Such a collar could cost as much as a hundred slaves!

Each era “decorates” dogs in its own style

In the 18th century in England for the first time appeared clothes for dogs. They did not have much of a practical function but rather served only as ornaments for the privileged dogs.

In the Renaissance and Baroque, the aristocracy was used to cover their favorite pooches with silk scarfs and embroidered blankets. The ladies dressed their lapdogs in lacy dresses, decorated with ribbons and small brooches.

And the favorite paws of the wealthiest owners proudly wore expensive collars with precious stones. At that time among the aristocracy, it was fashionable to have a small breed dog like a Yorkie.

Just like in our times, aristocrats would spend fabulous amounts of money just to make their little cutie look outstanding. And the most sophisticated accessories were ordered to famous handicraftsman who would make unique and stylish jewels for the graceful dogs.

In the late 19th century in France, for the first time, began the production of clothes for pets. The manufacturer was the company GOYARD, which in 1892 released the first catalog of fashion accessories and clothes for dogs.

Today’s dog jewelry industryDog jewellry history

Today’s dog jewelry industry offers a wide variety of accessories. They can be found in the boutique pet stores or on the internet at fairly affordable prices.

Among the most popular accessories are the collars, pendants for collars and the emblematic brooches for top knots for our favorite Yorkies.

And those regular decorations can be easily replaced by a really fancy designer collars with beads and rhinestones.

Yorkie lovers can give a sharp look at their fur friends by hanging their long bangs with a variety of shiny bows and hair clips.

If you are going to a special occasion and you don’t want to go unnoticed, make the top knot of your Yorkie with a hair clip with Swarovski rhinestones and then choose matching jewelry for yourself. Stylish!

Enjoy Our Affordable Yorkie Jewelry Collection

Rainbow Aurora And Light Blue Sapphire Crystal Rhinestones
Chakra Dog Jewelry Collar Necklace and Safety Collar
Red Ruby And Sapphire Pink Rhinestones
Chakra Dog Jewelry Collar Necklace and Safety Collar
Evans Collars Lambskin Empress Rhodium Collar, Pearlized
Hand cut, hand jewelled and hand crafted by master sapphire cutters, jewellers and artisans
Fancy Ailei Si Small Beaded Neck Collar
A real sophisticated gift for your loving Yorkie
Evans Collars Crocodile Monarch With Sapphires Collar
Owned by celebrities such as Paula Abdul, The Monarch boasts a center row of a 3 carat handcut sapphires set on top of a one of a kind filigree and accented by 1 carat white sapphires
Easting Couture Designer Diamond Necklace
Jewelry with Bling Pearls Rhinestones Imperial Crown Charm
Mirage Pet Products
Beautiful jewelry for special occasions
Mirage Pet Products
1 Reviews
Mirage Pet Products
Beautiful jewelry for special occasions
Rose Fashion Jewellery
Cute Crystal Doggy Collars
Best Quality Unisex Diamante Butterfly Pendant
Perfect accessory at an affordable price
Easting Fancy Cute Bling Rhinestone Bow Tie
Made from PU leather and high quality rhinestones
CocoPet Bling Rhinestone
7 Reviews
CocoPet Bling Rhinestone
Let your Yorkie stand out with this CocoPet formal bow tie collar
PET SHOW Fashion Three Layers Ivory Faux Pearl Bling Dog Necklace Collar
4 Reviews
PET SHOW Fashion Three Layers Ivory Faux Pearl Bling Dog Necklace Collar
Lovely Yorkie necklace with gold beads and ribbon bow

Yorkie jewelry as a status indicator

We are sure you have heard many people saying that they are caring much more for their Yorkie than they do for themselves. And those same people are actually ready to spend much more money on their fur fellows rather than buying things for their own needs.

And besides the usual purchases for daily use we do for our Yorkshire terriers, there are other seductive items that we want to prize them with.Yorkie jewelry

Yes, you are right! Diamond necklaces, pearl brooches or a crystal collar charms. That is how we want to give our puppy a real classy look.

In addition, the jewelry our Yorkies wear is another way to show our status in society. Perhaps, a dog with diamonds around his neck is the best indicator of the prosperity and importance of its owner.

We have seen many celebrities ready to spend fabulous amounts of money just to make their pet look more stylish than the others.

Very often dog owners are not satisfied with buying a single jewelry. Their precious dogs have entire thematic collections used for various occasions.

That way we can see their Yorkies looking really sharp for the usual evening walk or dressed up like a real princess for a wedding or birthday party.

It is true that for some people buying expensive jewelry and accessories for their Yorkies is a way to show some kind of status, but for others, it is simply a way to express their true love for their little furry treasure.

May be some of you think that Yorkies do not really care what they are wearing as long as we bring them outside to the playground and let them have fun with the other fellows.

But is it really the truth? Can we take a moment to think that our fur balls are aware of how we dress them?

Well, some people believe that their dogs have favorite leashes and collars that they consciously choose before each walk.

We do not know if it is true but what we have observed is that stylishly dressed Yorkies have a different behavior in front of the camera. You can see them proudly posing as if they really feel the beauty that they are wearing.

Designer jewelries

Our research shows that most of the Yorkie owners are not satisfied only with the products offered in the mass pet jewelry industry.Designer dog jewelries

Striving for uniqueness we can see them using the services of various designers for the creation of custom made jewels.  Exclusive collars and leashes are made from valuable materials, such as crocodile or ostrich leather, decorated with diamonds, sapphires, as well as precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver.

This may seem strange, but those services are in high demand, while the offers on the market are still limited. This is a niche where only a few brands have earned recognition and worldwide popularity.

Following the natural market trends where demand is high and supply is limited, we must say that designer dog jewelry is still not so affordable for the middle-class people.

The brand “I Love Dogs Diamonds”

Here is the time to mention what the senior Editor of Forbes, Matt Miller calls it “The Bugatti of dog collars”. “Amour Amour” is recognized as the most expensive dog collar in the world. Its price is US $ 3.2 million!"I love diamonds" dog jewellery collections

This spectacular work of art is adorned with 1 600 diamonds with about 52 karats. It is also decorated with another three diamonds of 7 karats precisely located on a crocodile skin. We are extremely curious to see the proud pooch honored to wear this priceless collar!

Do not worry guys! Another masterpiece of “I Love Dogs Diamonds” is much cheaper. It only cost about US $ 900 000. This is the collar “Amour de La Mer”. It looks a little poorer because it is decorated with “only” 600 diamonds and sapphires! All of their products are manufactured exclusively by hand.

Another collection called “La Collection de Bijoux” from the same brand was almost immediately sold out after the official presentation.

It may sound strange to you but those jewelry collars are really bought up despite the fabulous costs. And as we have already noted, the demand clearly exceeds the supply.

“Hellmuth Jewelry”

The German brand “Hellmuth Jewelry” which is actually specialized in producing accessories and jewelry for people also did not miss the chance to dive into the dog jewelry industry.

Their “Hellmuth Hund Collection” is specially designed for our furry brothers. All the decorations of this series are made of very expensive high-quality leather, and also silver, gold and precious stones."Hellmuth Jewelry" dog collection

However, the president of the company, presenting the “precious” collection, emphasized the following: he correctly said that not only Hollywood celebrities have pets and wish to buy them stylish, high-quality and beautiful things.

Some people will be happy to hear that the prices of their collection vary between US $  500 and US $ 8 000.

The price range here is great and the creators of the collection really tried to take into account the different financial situation of the dog owners and if he really wants, then he can buy at least one ornament from this collection.

Basically, they have three different series of this collection. The first one consists of stunning medallions made from gold, crocodile leather, and diamonds.

The second version of their dog jewelry collection is again with gold, silver, only two stones, and the same diamonds.

The “cheapest” options are the medallions with only silver and some small diamonds.

 “Chien Coature”

The United States is also keeping up with the trends and the “Chien Coature” is regularly producing jewelry collections specially designed for dogs. Each of their jewelry is a small masterpiece made of silver and gold.“Chien Coature” dog jewelry collection

For the finest touch, they prefer to use rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, and pearls.

The management of “Chien Coature” aims to attract a more “traditional” and undoubtedly the larger contingent of dog owners of the so called “Middle class”.

They might not be enormously rich but are still capable to afford some glossy accessory for their best fur friend.

There are no diamonds in their products and therefore the products are not that expensive. On the other hand, the absence of the most expensive stones in the world does not affect the appearance of their dog jewelry.

They still look stylish, elegant and certainly not simple.


If you think that your Yorkie is not spoiled enough, then we recommend that you dive into the countless choice of jewelry and accessories that today’s market offer us.Dog jewelry

Replace the regular collars and bows with a fancy necklace and hair clip covered with precious stones and metals.

We all want to treat our Yorkies with expensive gifts and we believe that the only difference between us is the threshold for high prices.

It is true that the loyalty, boundless love and devotion our Yorkies give us will not change with or without expensive gifts. But why not make them feel a little more special with some shiny bowknot or a stylish pendant?

No doubt that our own self-esteem will also change in a positive direction.

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