Top 5 Best and Worst Human Food For Dogs

Top 5 Best and Worst Human Food For Dogs

Are you wondering which is the best human food for dogs? Or just want to know which is the food that does more harm than good to your dog? Well, this article is dedicated exactly for that information.

Worst Human Food for Dogs

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a killer poison for a dog, the ethanol in alcohol can cause a respiratory problem for a dog, it also causes their nerve stressed at a dangerous level.

Alcohol and dogs

Dogs have much more sensitive digestion against poisonous substances like alcohol compared to the human. And because of that even small dosage of alcohol can be deadly for them.

You should also be aware of yeast, it can produce alcohol especially the uncooked/ under-cooked one.

Once a dog eats the yeast dough, they can vomit and may lead to death because of the “hidden” alcohol inside the dough.

2.  Caffeine

We love caffeine, it gives us some slight “boost” in our overall performance, some even consume it every day more than three times a day, but for a dog, this is a dangerous substance.

Caffeine can cause stress in the dog’s nerve system, and in the long run can damage the heart, liver, kidney, and lungs.

Caffeine consumption often leads to hyperactivity for a dog, but then followed by restless feeling.

Over-consumption also poses some extra danger, from upset stomach, panting, and gait problems.

3. Raw Eggs

Those who love to go to the gym to enlarge their muscle in a natural way will eat lots of raw eggs, it is good for human and the protein is so easily digestible. But how about dogs?

This food is dangerous for a dog, a raw egg contains avidin (some kind of enzyme) that disturb vitamin B absorption. Too much of it can lead to skin problems and potentially harm their shiny fur.

4. Raw Fish

A dog would really love you if you let them eat some raw fish, but it’s not good for their health.

Raw fish and dogs

Raw fish may contain parasites, can lead to some symptoms found in salmon poisoning disease and it can cause vomiting, fever, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, etc.

Even if your dog is “strong enough” to eat raw fish, it still can cause vitamin B deficiency and loss of appetite. So, make sure to cook it before serving!

5. Onions

Almost everywhere in the world, this vegetable is widely used in various dishes and recipes. And because it is so frequently used, we should not let our furry friends eat cooked human food, especially if it is not prepared from us and we are not sure for the exact ingredients.

Onion can destroy dog’s red blood cells, and too much consumption of it can cause kidney damage.

Best Human Food for Dogs

1. Popcorn

Popcorn, the “must have” each time you watch a movie is a good dog food. The potassium, magnesium, calcium, are so beneficial for your best friend.

popcorn and dogs

Just remember, never add any “tasty” ingredients including and especially salt. Those are something your dog doesn’t need, and in fact, some spices and sauces are poisonous for them.

If you want to share your snack with your fur movie buddy, prepare the corns only with some butter.

2. Dry Potatoes

If you love Lay’s® and want to give a similar treat for your dog, then this is it! Sweet potatoes are a good way to “replicate” this snack.

Just peel and slice the potato and then dry it with a food dehydrator without any additional ingredients.

Your doggie will love it so much and in fact, it is healthy for him! The fibers, vitamin B and C, beta-carotene, and some other nutrients make them happy and healthy.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt can help a dog to keep “good bacteria” or also known as prebiotics in their digestion system.

These bacteria also help increasing natural antibiotics and support fighting with various infections.

Just avoid a yogurt with sweetener and other “tasty” ingredients. They can have the opposite effect.

The frozen low-fat yogurt is the best choice to treat your dog this summer. Just don’t overdose it, about one tablespoon every morning is more than enough.

4. Berries

Is it okay to give some berries to your lovely fur friend? Yes, it is! Berries are good for dogs. The vitamins and natural sweeteners will make your dog think it is a delicious (and healthy) treats.

berries and dogs

Another brilliant idea is freezing them before serving. That way you will make a “tasty-and-healthy” ice cream for them.

Like the yogurt, make sure you do not overfeed with berries. They have a sweet nature which can bring some digestion problems if overdosed.

5. Green Beans

Do you have an overweight dog that never feels full enough with their meal? Then, add some green beans in the bowl!

Adding some green beans to your dog’s meal will make him feel full, even if the portion is smaller.

But if you really want to put in shape your fur friend, not only smaller portions will make him burn fat but exercises. So go out there and have some fun in the park!

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