Feeding The Yorkie [Part 1]

Feeding The Yorkie [Part 1]

People all over the world are trying to have a better healthy life by doing physical exercises and following balanced diets. We inform ourselves about the meals we eat and what are its ingredients.That is why companies started to produce low – fat, low calorie, and healthier foods.

The same attention we pay to the food we eat must be given to the foods our faithful and loving Yorkies consume.

A Little Bit About The Yorkie Food Market

It’s true that most of the companies already invented specific formulas for adult and young dogs, for dogs with overweight or even food for too active pets.

Moreover, you can even find food particularly made for Yorkshire terriers. But even with all that diversity, the food does not always meet the actual health condition of your doggie.Dog food bowl

Even the opposite, studies show that low – quality food can cause deterioration of your dog’s health, skin allergies, gastric and heart problems, diabetes or even cancer.

Sometimes we wonder if the dog food is made for us the owners rather than for our Yorkies – sweet packages, shiny colors, exotic tastes, etc.

All those are things the humans love to see, but what does your Yorkshire terrier care?

The only quality he is interested in is the smell and the taste. Remember that colored and sweetly shaped bites are made for you to like them, not for your Yorkie.

The entire idea of marketing is to convince the consumer who is you to choose a particular product within the sea of similar ones.

Producers create their packages with beautiful pictures making us believe that our Yorkie has eaten an entire chicken, tasty veal, corn kernels, even a real cheese or vegetables.

Unfortunately, in most of the cases, this is not the truth.

Many manufacturers of dog food use the leftovers from the production process of human food.

That way they make a profit out of the rubbish they will otherwise throw in the garbage which will cost them a profit loss.

Of course, not all dog food is produced from “garbage”, but you need to carefully read what is on the back of the package and take an adequate choice.

Cereal products

There are dog foods that consist of grain or other cereals in the list of ingredients – usually, they are two or three. The first problem that arises is how the dog will digest those ingredients.Cereal products in dog food

Twenty percent of those cereals can go through the human body without being absorbed, and still, the producers continue to write on the label that those are allowed values.

Some of those ingredients have fibers which will make your Yorkie feel satisfyingly full.

We all know that Yorkies love to eat meat. Why then, we should feed them with grain?

It’s simple. Because the cereal products are a cheap source of energy for your doggie and that makes them the perfect ingredient for dog food from the producer’s perspective.

Some grain foods used for the production of dog food consisting of wheat, soy, corn, white rice, potatoes, beans, and oat.

In other words, you must be selected in between the foods that are GRAIN FREE.

And here is our selection of GRAIN FREE dry foods that we feed our Yorkies with:

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Taste Of The Wild, Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula With Venison & Garbanzo Beans
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Dry Or Canned Food

Remember that the most important factor for your Yorkie’s health is the way you feed it. Some instructions you will read in forums or over the internet are not the most appropriate way of feeding.Dry or canned dog food

For example, on some packages of dog food is written that you must leave the food to soak in water or milk.

Unfortunately, this can cause the appearance of a different bacterium in it.

Another widely spread instruction is to feed your Yorkie once per day.

Experts say that it is much better to split the food portions of your doggie into two or three, especially if it is canned.

Divide the doses in a way that Yorkie is always full, and no food remains in the cup.

It is proven that feeding him only ones per day can cause stomach discomfort and gastric acids.

Just like the humans should eat smaller portions repeatedly during the day, the same applies to Yorkshire terriers.

On the top of that, if you are used to leaving doggie’s food for the entire day in the cup, some insects may touch and infect it.

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Dry food recommendations

If you choose to feed your Yorkie with dry food, experts suggest changing it on every ten to twelve months.

Switching between dry foods must happen gradually. That happens by mixing the new and the old food every day.

The best way is to star with 80 % from the old food and 20% from the new one. Then each day add 10% of the new food until the little sweetie’s stomach is completely used to it.

Shifting to a new food at once can cause serious stomach discomfort. Also, we suggest that you use canned food from time to time as it consists of more meat proteins than the dry one.

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Cooked Food For Yorkies

Except for the dry and canned food, you might consider preparing a real meat and steamed vegetables once in a while.

Those are a real source of proteins and vitamins. Talk with your vet about your Yorkie’s diet and ask him if it is necessary to add tablets of multivitamins, especially during the winter.

Please note that you should never feed your Yorkie with leftovers from the table. Pork, fish or other bites which might have some little bones inside may choke your doggie.

If you are that type of person that cannot resist sharing some food with your lovely hairy friend, give him some chicken (without bones), boiled rice, or green beans.

But make sure you control the quantities because Yorkie must have a balanced diet to be fit.

The Perfect Content Of A Yorkie’s Food

The perfect content of your doggy’s food must be consisting of 30% proteins, 5% fats, 5% fibers and no more than 50% carbohydrates. Add 2% calcium and 2% phosphorus.

Please note that those are only suggested values and you must take an advice from your vet about the most appropriate diet for your Yorkie.


  • Never give your Yorkie sweets like chocolate or candies – this could be like a poison for him.
  • Onion might result in anemia.
  • Salt can be poisonous.

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