Fresh Or Dry Food – Feeding the Yorkie (Part 2)

Fresh Or Dry Food – Feeding the Yorkie (Part 2)

Even though the Yorkshire terrier is a small dog, it needs a quality and nutritious food.
Baby Yorkies are growing really fast until the third month when they reach half of their total weight and size. After the third, up until the twelfth month, they turn out their full growth.

You should pay attention to the fact that too much mixing of the products and incorrect preparation will result in allergies for your baby Yorkie.

That’s why a particular attention must be paid in the selection process of ingredients during the first couple of months.

What Can You Feed A Yorkie Besides Dog Food?

Experts agree that the best way to develop a proper diet for the young Yorkie is to start feeding it during the breastfeeding period.Yorkie food

Of course, this must be done flowingly and with small portions.

We must note that each breeder has its own approach to feeding their puppies.

For example, one of the big names in Yorkshire terrier breeding feeds his young babies with raw beef mixed with rice, oatmeal and a couple of drops vegetable unrefined oil.

He explains that not only the little Yorkies love that, but this diet protects them from allergies.

And as we said before, each breeder has its own approach, but they all agree on the same thing – Yorkies love fruits and vegetables.

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They recommend including small pieces of them for a healthy diet. Also, beef, chicken, yolk, cottage cheese, cheese and other milk products are considered to be proper ingredients for a better and healthy life.

Just to remind you, always check the expiry date and quality of the products mentioned above. Also, watch the temperature of the food you serve to your Yorkie. It shouldn’t be too hot or cold.

Spicy and flavored sausages and meat, fried and fatty food should be excluded from your Yorkies diet.

Don’t forget that proteins and freshly cooked meat are the keys to doggie’s perfect shape.

Bones, viscera, dough products and sweets are strongly forbidden.

Dry Dog Food For Yorkies

Most of us have a busy daily routine. Many times we do not have enough time to cook for ourselves and logically for our Yorkies.

That is why many people choose to feed them with dry nutrition.  If it’s your case, be really selective with the food you choose.dry dog food for Yorkies

Read the ingredients carefully on the back of the package.

We must point that dry food is not a wrong decision, and if you choose a quality one, it can fully satisfy all the needs of your Yorkie.

That includes proteins, fats, fibers, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, etc.

Many breeders combine the freshly cooked food in the morning with dry food in the evening.

They prefer to give the dry food in the evening due to the reason that it is slowly digestible and the dog feels full during the entire night.

And yet again, if you have a busy routine, you can stick only with the dry one, but it should be a high-quality one which contains all the necessary ingredients for the perfect diet.

Usually, in the back of the packages are described the recommended portion sizes. Remember that each Yorkie has its individual needs and you must adjust the meals based on your experience with your dog and not only on what is written.

Here are our top recommendations that we feed our Yorkies. The food is 100% grain free, healthy and has a positive impact on our sweeties:

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How Do I Get My Dog To Eat Dry Food?

Some Yorkshire Terriers are really picky eaters. Here is one simple rule to follow if you want to change that behavior which might develop with the time and you will have real problems when it comes to feeding.Yorkies and dry food

Let’s say you feed your doggie twice per day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

If you serve his meal in the morning and he doesn’t eat it for twenty minutes, take the meal and serve it again in the evening.

Remember that scheduled meals and walks are so important.

That way capricious doggy know that if they refuse to eat the served food in the morning, they must wait until the next meal which is far later in the evening.

This is a simple trick that shows the Yorkie that if he refuses to eat at that scheduled time he will have to wait and stay hungry until the next scheduled meal.

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Over the time, your dog will be fully aware of this rule and he will expect his food on the exact hours. In that case, it is important for you to be punctual with the portions and follow the schedule your little treasure is used to.

Freshly Cooked Food vs. Dry Dog Food For Yorkies

If we have to summarize the above said shortly, we will say that dry food and freshly cooked has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So it’s up to you and your daily routine to choose the more convenient one. From our own experience, it’s better to stick with either choice.

Because if you want to feed the Yorkie with dry food, but sometimes you prepare him a nice boiled chicken, for example, most probably he will soon refuse to eat the granules. Of course, he will!

So if you choose the packaged food, make sure you supply with the most quality ones. They have all the ingredients which your Yorkies need, and you will only need to give extra vitamins or proteins with the prescription of the vet.

Freshly cooked meals are surely the better choice, but not all of the people have the time to prepare them.Feeding a Yorkshire terrier

Again, use only the products your vet, and we recommend.

Food must be fresh and of good quality.

Important Note

Never feed the Yorkie with the leftovers from the table because the food we eat is too salty and spicy for them.

Your little treasure must have his own food, prepared only for him.

That way you will also prevent this annoying habit of ”begging” food while you are having a meal.

Scheduling the meals vs. Always there bowl with food

We also cannot set the perfect rule of giving the portions. Some people choose to leave their doggie’s food in the cup for the entire day. Other people prefer the scheduled meals.Yorkie eating

No matter which way you will choose, the most important is to be consistent from the early days of the Yorkie.

If you prefer the timely meals, your dog will be expecting them when the time comes, and also his natural needs and organism will adjust to that schedule.

Changes to that program must be done smoothly.

The other way, if the food stays in the cup for the entire day, Yorkie will consume as much as he needs and whenever he feels hungry.

We already mentioned the disadvantages of that method, but if you put some effort, they can be prevented.


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