How To Train A Yorkie

How To Train A Yorkie

The first thing to keep in mind before start training your Yorkshire terrier is that each dog has different ability to learn new things. Some of them learn faster, while others will need some extra time to understand the new commands.

No matter the capabilities of your Yorkie, you always need to be patient and kind to him.

Some doggies get distracted very easily on their initial training. Also, due to their small size, Yorkies get tired faster during the lessons compared to bigger breeds.

The younger the doggie is when you start with the training, the easier it will be for them to learn and complete the required tasks.

In their early months of life, Yorkies start to explore the outside world.

Yorkie puppy training

They will learn and observe everything that surrounds them. This is also the time when Yorkies develop their values.

Proper training during that period will bring benefits to you and your loving friend for the rest of your relationship.

Well trained Yorkies are the happy doggies. They fully understand what the right behavior is and what is expected from them to do.

This will be your reward for the invested time and effort.

Yorkshire terrier is one of the most common dog breeds, and its appearance and size mostly distinguish it.

Just like the other small breeds, Yorkies can be aggressive and persistent when we try to “control” them.

This is the main reason we have to socialize and train them in the very early stages of their life.

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You should be fully aware how exactly to train your Yorkshire Terrierhow to train a Yorkie

Yorkies are such sweet and loving friends. They are the perfect companion because of the affection and loyalty to their owners.

However, if they don’t have some basic social skills and you give them too much attention, Yorkies will try to be dominant.

That kind of behavior can possibly lead to an unwanted aggression to the unknown people.

Most of the Yorkshire terriers demonstrate behavior that is more typical of the larger dog breeds. Even though they are small, they can be aggressive with strangers, passing vehicles, small animals or other dogs.

And to prevent that, you must give them a proper teaching at the right time. That way you can minimalize or completely eliminate the unnecessary manners.

How Do You Train A Yorkie Puppy?

The key to controlling these wayward dogs is to show them who the boss at home is.

If you and the rest of the house members don’t do that from the very beginning, Yorkie will feel you as weak leaders, and he will take the control doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

1. Feeding

Don’t spoil your Yorkie and give him food every time he wants. Schedule the meals. Don’t give him food from the table each time he begs for that.

We all know that every time you are eating something, they will look you in the eyes, telling “Can I also have some of this”?

The answer must be – “NO.” If you don’t say “NO” once, next time they will know the right approaches to you to receive whatever they want. That is why you should be strong and hold your position.

2. Exercises

Exercises and physical activities are crucial for your Yorkie. You must take your doggie out for at least twenty minutes per day.

Experts recommend between thirty minutes and one hour, but if you cover the minimum for five days and let’s say Saturday and Sunday you go for longer walks, it should be fine.Yorkie and exercises

Take your sweet friend out and try to establish a relationship between you two.

Try to understand what he wants to do and where he loves to go, what he enjoys doing or which dogs in the park he likes to meet.

Basically, try to understand him as a human, he has the same emotions and desires.

If you comprehend your Yorkie, it will be much easier for you to control it and stop his manipulative behavior.

When you are walking around, the dog must be beside or behind you, never in front of you. And in case it goes in front of you, don’t let him guide you and give you the directions.

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3. Set borders

Never let your Yorkie to outspread throughout the entire home. Set particular rooms where he can move around and keep them strict.Controlling a Yorkie

For example, never let him go into your bedroom or closet.

He will try to seduce you with “whining” and barking, but you need to be strong and hold your position no matter what.

Don’t give him attention when he is hyperactive and thrilled.

Also, try to ignore him when you are coming or leaving home. Greet the sweet toy when he is calm and relaxed.

4. Optimize the mental simulation

These dogs have less energy compared to other breeds and get tired relatively fast. However, you must provide the necessary exercises for your Yorkie.

This is one of the ways through which they can learn more social skills. Teach him some of the most – important commands such as “Sit” and “Stop”, “Be quiet” or “Bring me the toy.”

Experienced coaches suggest for regular walks if you want Yorkie to be responsive and adequate. That way they will spend all their energy outside your house.

As a result, your doggie will be much more careful and will be more likely to follow your commands.

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How to stop Yorkie puppy from biting?

It might be sweet for you when your Yorkshire terrier is gently biting your fingers, but this can grow into a serious problem in the future.

Such behavior should not be tolerated because it can lead to aggression and thirst for supremacy over the time.

How to proceed at the beginning…

Your new puppy should be taught on good manners as soon as it arrives home.  This must be done by strict and consistent Yorkshire terrier bitingcommands which your Yorkie must follow concerning biting hands.

Please note that no matter what the little doggie did, you must never hurt it or hit him because this will not lead to any benefits for you.

This will only lead to anxiety and aggression throughout the time.

To stop your Yorkshire terrier from biting you, be gentle with him. Be strict but rational in your behavior.

Young Yorkies usually nibble, when they are playful. Certain games such as tug of war can reinforce their desire to bite.

How to stop Yorkie from biting different objects

Biting is a natural behavior for all dogs including Yorkies.

They do that when eating when the baby teeth are growing or simply when they are bored.

No such power can stop them from chewing different things.

Understanding that, you should try to deviate this habit to objects that Yorkie is allowed to chew (his toys for example) and show him that the rest of the things are forbidden for biting.

If your Yorkshire terrier is chewing the carpet or the slippers, you must do everything possible to deal with this behavior right from the beginning.

You have to start from the very early age

Yorkshire terriers have a natural habit of chewing different things. However, you should never let them bite objects from your home.

While training the little “beast,” it is very important not to shout at him or hit him. This will only make things much difficult in the future.

Make sure to provide enough toys and treats for chewing which will replace the game with the carpet or your slippers.

Here are some basic recommendations which will help you deal with the unwanted chewing:

1. Change the behavior of the Yorkie

Don’t try to let the doggie stop chewing things. Rather than that, provide him with enough toys and treats which will catch his Yorkshire terrier chewing thingsattention and make him play with them.

If you see him chewing your shoes, pass him a toy which is allowed to play with and bite. When the doggy goes closer to the toy, show your positive emotions and compliment him.

That way your little friend will like and remember your positive reactions and will continue playing with the toy.

Do that every time you see him chewing the inappropriate objects until he forgets that habit and only plays with his own toys.

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2. Keep Your Yorkie Always Busy

Sometimes, small doggies chew everything which comes in front of their eyes just because they are bored.

When you observe that, take the doggy out for a walk or just play with him in order to show that there are different types of entertaining rather than chewing.

Also, when you are not at home, make sure you leave as many toys as possible that he will never feel bored.Yorkshire terrier training to stay in a crate

3. Training the Yorkie to stay in a crate

To prevent chewing different objects throughout the entire house, you can teach the little friend to stay in a crate.

Of course, it must be big enough that he will feel comfortable inside.

Over the time, Yorkie will consider the crate as his home, and that will limit his access to the rest of the house.

Well trained dogs don’t have a problem staying in a crate while their owners are not at home. They even feel better and safer inside.

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4. Using sprays

Another method for fighting with the unwanted habit is to use an accurate spray.

That way, Yorkie will associate these particular objects with bad smell and taste and will stop their desire for playing with them.

Never let your little friend chew your fingers on the hands or the legs. This can lead to serious problems in the future.

Try to deal yourself with this issue and if you are not able to resolve it, contact a professional trainer.

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Be insistent!

Consistency is one of the most – important things in training. If you don’t want your Yorkshire terrier to chew your shirts or socks, don’t leave your clothes on the floor.

Keep them away from him, so there is no chance to reach them. When you buy him a new toy, don’t take it away because this will only confuse him.

The rules are the same for you and him!

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